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How To Build DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves
Jun 16, 2017

There are a lot of ways to use iron plumber's pipe to make shelves. Here's the way that has worked well . Pipe shelving systems  are a great investment, they can be disassembled and adapted to almost any setting. If you're renting your current home or move often, they're an excellent alternative to moving giant bookcases. If you own your home, it can be a nice, full-height bookcase for a study, shelving for dry goods in a kitchen or even organization in a closet.

Here are 7 steps to build a pipe shelf

Step 1: Supplies + Tools

PIPE-DIY-SHELF-Supplies + Tools

Step 2: Get Pipe Shelves Plan

Pipe Shelves PlanPipe Shelves Plan

Step 3: Get the Boards Ready   


Step 4:Assemble the Pipes

Connect the pipes together by hand. They don’t need to be tightly screwed together.(you follow the pipe shelves pan)

Step 5: Screw the Flanges to the Wall

Use  an electric drill to drill the 4 holds  on the wall for each flange plate, the size of thehold is 07*25mml. If your walls are made of gypsum board, use drywall anchors.(you follow the pipe shelves pan)

Step 6: Secure the Boards

Use the pipe hangers to secure the boards to the pipes.(you follow the pipe shelves pan)

Step 7: Done!

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