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Helping You Create Your Own DIY Shelf
Jun 06, 2017

When it comes to furniture DIYs, most ideas are simply surface level. But these pieces didn't just get painted or stained — they got entirely new second lives. Your own DIY shelf may seem like a tall task.But it can be easier than you think. 


  1. If you're looking to create a industrial/rustic look in your home this shelving unit works perfectly!


  2. Finding a shelf that will fit nicely into a corner of the room can sometimes be a difficult task, but this corner shelf looks fantasy and works perfect.


  3. This shelving unit screams rustic! The top stores your shoes and the clothing rack made from black fittings and pipe keeps all your clothes nice and tidy.


  4. The great thing about using pipe fittings is that they can be taken apart and put back together to build almost anything. That's exactly what happened with these two type of DIY shelves.


5.An unique design, this shelf creates a "floating" look that gives it a clean, modern appeal.