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Wine Rack Designs for different space
Mar 02, 2018

Wine Rack Designs for different space

Modern Art Decor Design Rustics 6 Low Align Display Wine RackIf your space is limited,Some wall-mounted wine rack is very simple and versatile and can gold up many bottles of wine.

 However,if a small wine rack with room for only one case of wine is simply not enough when you’re a serious collector. If that’s the case then you might want to consider building some custom shelves on which you can store and display your wine collection. Don’t make it too fancy. Just make sure the conditions are right.

Industrial Style Pipe Design 4 Rack Wine Bottle Storage Shelves for Bar Salon

Wrought Iron Antiue Look Storage Wine Rack Wall Mounted Reclaimed Wood 2 Layers for Salon

wine racks arent meant to only be functional storage-wise. A lot of times they double as decorations and sculptural features for the room’s they’re in.

Of course, not everyone has a large wine collection. Some prefer to only keep a couple of bottles. There are plenty of stylish wine racks that are also small and this is one of them.