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What does Toledo Stool look like?
May 03, 2018

What does Toledo Stool look like?

Toledo Stool is characterised by its heavy steel frame, with what the Uhl brothers referred to as the ‘locked truss-rail legs’. Forming the distinctive frame, cold rolled steel is used to create the curved bracing bars between the legs, and then a circular footrest surrounds them. The original frames also had a Japanned metal finish, which has a marbled matt black look, and then nickel, bright copper and bright brass finishes became available in later years. Plus, they added steel swivel feet to their later designs, allowing for use on uneven floors with their ball and socket mechanism.

Industrial Metal Extra Tall Bar Stool with Pu Seat and Pinewood Back Rest

Rustic Natural Wooden Counter Height Bar Stool

Originally made from bent plywood, the seat and backrest are curved and contoured in an effort to provide comfort to the user. The height of the seat can be adjusted by swivelling the seat, whilst the height of the backrest can also be adjusted and has a tilt function. These elements were combined to offer practicality, efficiency, and comfort, meeting the requirements of the draughting company and the needs of so many others thereafter.

The Toledo Stool, and this style of steel furniture in general, fell out of fashion in the second half of the 20th century as more sleek and comfortable designs became popular. This was partly due to the increasing use of new materials in furniture, such as plastic. Plus, the traditional techniques used by draughtsmen were overtaken by CAD (computer aided design) and accompanied by more supportive, cushioned, and ergonomic furniture.

Now it relevant as the vintage industrial look is on trend in domestic and commercial interior design. Now you will find its varying designs being used in the home as bar stools at the kitchen island or breakfast bar, and it is also a popular choice for commercial bar areas due to its robust and solid design. It may be seen in a factory-style home office, but it’s very unlikely to be seen in the workplace.

Its return has seen dozens of new adaptations with modern finishes like bright coloured paint, plastic, and brushed copper, along with wheeled versions and backless designs. We offer two designs, the Fuse and the Volt, in two different finishes, which can be seen below: