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Small Modern Kitchen Rustic Shelves
Feb 09, 2018

Small Modern Kitchen Rustic Shelves


The most modern kitchen combined with carefully placed rustic features and you need not always go down the route of a full-blown kitchen revamp to get done. And one of the best places to try out rustic elements is the kitchen!

 There are plenty of little change you can make to give your modern kitchen a rustic new look,Rustic kitchen shelving bring a completely new dimension to your open plan living and also ushers in delightful textural contrast.

Rustic shelves in a small kitchen can make a big visual splash. Most often, they neatly tuck into a small corner of the kitchen, the space above kitchen counter or a creative little niche that is otherwise forgotten. A DIY project can cut back on costs significantly.So you can put your DIY skills to use here to create your own rustic shelves from a few blocks of wood instead of shopping for them or even hiring help. It also gives you a great opportunity to improve your DIY skill set.