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Furniture Style Design in Wabi-Sabi Kitchen
May 18, 2018

Furniture Style Design in Wabi-Sabi Kitchen

 Wabi-sabi is a Japanese horseradish.  Wabi-sabi is actually an ancient Japanese philosophy that can be applied within interior design, and the characteristic of wabi-sabi interior is handmade furniture.

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Handmade furniture is an essential element in a wabi-sabi interior, and although imperfections are welcome, it is not an excuse for mistakes or poor craftsmanship. Its more about embracing traces of the making process and the history of the item - a distinctive knot in a wooden piece of furniture or paint drips on a handmade bowl for example.


An old leather chair with five years of wear and tear will have plenty of wabi-sabi character, so hold onto your old furniture for a simple way to get the careworn and aged look. Plus, it is better for the environment and easy on your bank balance too, which is in unison with Lagom, another lifestyle trend for this year. Recycled furniture or pieces with a salvaged look are also great for this, or maybe you have some antiques or family heirlooms that will lend a truly lived-in look.


If your current kitchen is ultra-modern and lacking furniture that is likely to age, or if you cant source any authentic antiques to get the look instantly, you could get a head start with some of our handcrafted and vintage style designs. The Vice Industrial Stool (pictured below) is a great example, with its solid wooden seat and antiqued frame forming a rustic piece with understated beauty.