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Fashion design vs DIY clothing rack
Jun 29, 2018

Fashion design vs DIY clothing rack

With the right hallway furniture, you can create a fashion space for finding what you need.未标题-4-恢复的.jpg

If you need a quick fix to take care of a lot of clothes,  you can try  the DIY pipe shelf, it is easy to assemble, easy to move and easy to fit in, even in the smallest areas of your home.The most important thing is the rack is  design in vintage style.


It's fair to say that the influence of the fashion world on the furniture industry is undeniable. This is exemplified in the fact that the latest styles of clothing and fashionable colours now appear to diffuse straight from the runway and into our homes through furniture such as bar stools and rack. Many attribute this immediate ripple effect to the growth of the internet and our new accessibility to social media, which offers the opportunity to both instantaneously witness and supply the upcoming trends.