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Breakfast Bar in home decoration
Jun 08, 2018

                          Breakfast Bar in  home decoration

There are a number of factors to consider when designing the style of a breakfast bar. Is the seating area its primary use? Or will it also be used as an extra surface for food prep and cooking? The size and shape of the kitchen is important, remembering that bars and islands can create barriers and walkways need to be maintained. That said, you might choose to use it as a divide in an open plan room or even to connect spaces and create a kitchen diner.

The cast iron bar stool is the original and most popular design, and the breakfast bar is usually formed by the overhang or lip of the worktop. Seating is either added along the side or at the end of the bar, depending on how many seats are needed. With a similar appearance to a table, it also lends a more traditional feel to the kitchen.


With its simple and accommodating shape, the stool  has the ability to house a variety of extras, including hobs and additional fridges.

This is an appropriate choice for smaller kitchens as the neat and compact design can fit perfectly in both wide and long narrow spaces.

This straight edged no-frills look can easily suit minimalist style and is one of the most affordable options available – depending on your choice of materials and size!